Catching the bug

Infectious diseases are by no means glamorous subjects of conversation; most people avoid the topic like the plague (I’m sorry, I can be partial to the odd pun), and yet infectious disease is quite possibly the most fascinating area of all life sciences. The aim of this blog is to convince anyone who will listen that this is indeed the case.

This is where I hit my first hurdle – ‘anyone’ is a rather large potential audience, and it’s clearly impossible to write a post to suit everyone’s level of understanding at once. However, I’ll do my best to write a variety of posts so that everyone from the biologically uninitiated (my dad will be a good proof-reader for these!) to the most intense of professors will be able to find something that they enjoy.

I also intend to cover a range of subjects, from focussing on an individual pathogen of interest to discussing current disease outbreaks. If you have any topics that you’d like covered, let me know. Equally, if you have any questions along the way, get in touch – I can’t guarantee to be able to answer them all, but being a PhD student at one of the best univeristies in the world, it’s safe to say that I can find someone who can!



3 thoughts on “Catching the bug”

    1. Thank you! For now I think I will probably keep my focus on this blog until it picks up steam, but I will keep your kind offer in mind. Thanks also for your reblog – as a new blog, getting the readership is the hardest part, so your help is greatly appreciated!


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