Is the Ebola epidemic really coming to an end?

A thought-provoking post on Ebola from what seems to me an interesting virology blog. Check out the comments section too where we’ve begun to discuss the future evolution of the virus. Please feel free to join in!


The initial announcement of the latest outbreak of Ebola was on 25 March, in Guinea – part of West Africa, where the virus has never been known in the population, meaning that they would have been totally unprepared for such an epidemic to occur. As of 14 April, a total of 202 clinical cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) – which includes confirmed and suspected cases – have been reported in Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone, including 128 deaths. Researchers have also determined that it is genetically similar to Ebola Zaire, but it is a brand new strain. This is significant because it shows that this Ebola epidemic has arisen separately from the previous epidemics in Central Africa. The Ministry of Health of Guinea has announced that with the decrease in the number of new cases, this latest epidemic of EBV is coming to an end; however, the…

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5 thoughts on “Is the Ebola epidemic really coming to an end?”

  1. First I will admit, I am a layperson who has worked in nursing, but that was in the past, and in a different area. Disclaimer! Okay. I wonder, will Ebola adapt so that it is not so lethal? It seems to me, that it is counterproductive to kill the host (or have the host ‘kill itself’) so quickly that the virus cannot spread. Any thoughts on that?

    Also unrelated to this topic, but I came across in RSOE-EDIS today, a report of a biological hazard very near where we live in Kentucky, where tens of thousands of Asian carp died within a 24-hour period, apparently, and they have no idea the cause…they may be looking at a virus. Have you ever heard of these fish kills?

    Let’s see, link, the map:

    the report:


    1. With regard to your first paragraph, MJ and I have been discussing the likely evolution of the virus in the comments of the original post – I’d recommend that you take a look at that. If you have any questions afterwards, please get in touch!

      It’s impossible for me to have any way of knowing the likely cause of the fish deaths – there are many pathogens that could cause it – but I’m sure that the pathological tests will determine the cause before long. I really like the map, by the way!


      1. Okay, I will take a look, and thank you. The RSOE-EDIS map, yes. You can see where it is day and night in the world, and they are very very good at getting information on there. Very interesting stuff!


  2. If it truly is coming to an end, why does the secrecy remain? Are the American South’s doctors just supposed to stand around and wait for information and orders from the (third) world health organization? I have a number of questions and concerns. If control really is the goal, I think this cloak and dagger, all power attitude of the so-called who is counterproductive, not to mention disrespectful and potentially disastrous.
    Best wishes ~


    1. I apologise for simply repeating my previous answer to the same question, but I do so for the benefit of readers who won’t have already read it.

      “I’m confused as to what makes you think that the WHO is being secretive. If it is the very vague statement made on Reuters (“A senior health ministry official told Reuters on Thursday the government planned to stop publicly releasing the death toll to avoid causing unnecessary panic”) which has subsequently been mindlessly requoted across the web, I’m afraid that they were actually referring to the Guinean Ministry of Health (link to the article below). I have not seen any evidence that suggests that the WHO have been anything except incredibly open with both their approach and the information that they receive.”

      As I said before, if you have any information that might shed more light on the issue, please do share it!


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